the innate potential of all things

Finding the
divine essence

Aristotle coined the word “Entelechea,” as “potentiality as such”. The term is from the Ancient Greek, it is the combination of the Greek words “enteles” (complete), “telos” (end, purpose, completion), and “echein” (to have).

The Entelechea Center is dedicated to encouraging human potential as “God Seeds” to become the Divine Beings we are. This includes all aspects of Spirit, Mind and Body.

Our Practitioners

Licensed Psychotherapist &
Daleth Breathworker

Holographic Sound Healer &
Shamanic Practitioner

Mindfulness Meditation &
Yoga Practitioner

Licensed Psychotherapist &
Traditional Naturopath

Life Coach from the Other
Side & Psychic / Medium

Synergy Practitioner &
Akashic Records Consultant

"Love is all there is and we are all one!"

Entelechea Center is a wholeness nexus assisting people on their personal growth journey: mentally-emotionally-physically-spiritually. We provide a safe space to explore opportunities and experiences, that connect you more fully to your inner divinity.

Love or Fear

Oneness or Separation

One within yourself,

One With All of Humanity.