the innate potential of all things

Divine Essence Woman Holding Candle

Finding the
divine essence

Aristotle coined the word “Entelechea,” as “potentiality as such”. The term is from the Ancient Greek, it is the combination of the Greek words “enteles” (complete), “telos” (end, purpose, completion), and “echein” (to have).

The Entelechea Center is dedicated to encouraging human potential as “God Seeds” to become the Divine Beings we are. This includes all aspects of Spirit, Mind and Body.

Experience a journey of healing and growth

Entelechea Center, a DFW Wholeness Center, is the “heart play” of Dr. Tricia Seymour and Dr. Rusty Barrier. It’s located in Richardson, TX and is comprised of 6,000 square feet that includes private office space, flex office space, a sound healing studio, meditation room, group/training rooms, a yoga/breathwork space and a meditation garden. Entelechea Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Journey of Healing Woman with Hand at Heart

Engage in transformative gatherings and workshops for spiritual growth and community connection.

Access experienced healers and professionals dedicated to supporting your well-being and inner growth.

Explore a range of holistic offerings designed to nurture and foster complete wellness and inner growth.

Experience profound healing through specialized spiritual modalities tailored to your unique needs.

Support Entelechea’s mission of healing and community by contributing to our nonprofit organization.

Join us in making a difference by offering your time and skills to support our healing community and events.

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"Love is all there is and we are all one!"

Entelechea Center is a wholeness nexus assisting people on their personal growth journey: mentally-emotionally-physically-spiritually. We provide a safe space to explore opportunities and experiences, that connect you more fully to your inner divinity.

Love or Fear

Oneness or Separation

One within yourself,

One With All of Humanity.