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To assist you in clearing away personal issues, so you can see through the eyes of your True Divine Self.

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It's time to wake up,
Awaken to Oneness!
It's time to remember
that "Love is All There Is
and We are All One!"


“I absolutely loved this book! I couldn’t wait to turn the page. Every page gave insight to me that spoke out loud! ❤”

- Nicole V.

“Living in such a binary world, it is so refreshing to learn about unity– about “moving out of duality and into oneness.” I found this to be more than a book; rather, a lesson in how to continue to see and feel beyond the senses again and again!”

- Loryn F.

“I’ve read a lot of metaphysical/spiritual books and this one offers concepts and ideas i had not heard before. It is enlightening, powerful and practical. I highly recommend it especially if you are on a spiritual path.”

- Susan W.

So so great! Easy to turn too again and again and so many beautiful lessons on the deeper meanings of acceptance, patience, and love.

- Erin M.