Reiki Sound Journey with Lital Meloul

Reiki is an ancient healing technique based on principles where the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the […]

Anu Kri Healing Service

Anu (God) Kri (energy) is a new healing method for the evolution of humanity. Join us for an evening of healing with Dr. Tricia Seymour (Arianni) & Dr. Rusty Barrier […]

Reiki and Crystals Workshop with Anna Parkins

A great opportunity for Energy Workers and Reiki Practitioners to learn about using crystals in their practice, whether beginning or advanced . Price: $40.00. Please sign up by March 20th. […]

Reiki and Crystals Workshop

Designed for Reiki Practitioners and Energy Workers interested in applying their knowledge of crystals to their healing practice. Extensive material includes historical references, removing energy blocks, clearing chakras, aura sweeping, […]

Energy Work & Reiki 3 Certification

Hands open to receive with palms touching. white light in-between palms with vibrant colors swirling around them.

This Course is the final course in Usui Reiki Training and prepares the practitioner to become a Reiki Master Teacher in the tradition of the Usui Reiki System. Some students […]