Aliens and Starseeds Part 2

Part 2 offers opportunities to learn different ways to communicate with Aliens without fear and what to do when in close contact with other lifeforms from other dimensions and planets. […]

Aliens and Starseeds Part 1

Have you ever had an experience where you felt like you were being watched by something that was from another world? Have you wondered if you have been abducted? This […]

Understanding Dreams Part 2

The second part of this series is designed for the class to decide what they wish to work on with understanding dreams. Each Part 2 class – when offered – […]

Acu-Sonic Detox

Acu-Sonic Detox combines the modalities of acupuncture and sound healing. Dorine Fernandez, Licensed Acupuncturist, will be using the N.A.D.A. protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol (lung, liver, shen men, parasympathetic/sympathetic […]

Exploring the Afterlife Part 2

(Prerequisite Part 1) In this class, you will be taking a personal Spiritual tour to the other side and will have opportunities to share with others in the class what […]

Exploring the Afterlife Part 1

Part One of a Two Part Series What happens when you die beyond the physical body and senses? These two classes are designed to help answer questions and expand our […]