Empath Rescue Entelechea Bracelet

Empath Rescue Gemstone Stretchy Bracelet


Do you find yourself taking on other people’s emotions?
Are you overly sensitive to other’s energies?
Do you feel “homesick”?
Do you need protection from outside influences?

A beautiful bracelet handmade with Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz stones. The bracelet has both 8 mm and 10 mm round beads and is stretchable to fit most wrists. Approximately 7.5 inches in size and amazing for healing and balancing your energies.

This stunning handmade gemstone bracelet is used to assist Empaths in regulating their energy. If you are an empath and are feeling overwhelmed, this crystal gemstone bracelet will help you regain clear balanced energy. Gemstone crystals work on the subtle energy levels to restore balance and homeostasis. Each bracelet is first cleansed on a selenite tablet, then infused with the healing energy of Source, and intention.

FREE Charm: With each bracelet you can select one FREE charm for me to add. You can pick either a silver charm (Butterfly, Small Angel Wing, Peace Symbol, or Knot) or the brassy Love charm. If you don’t want a charm, just select None from the dropdown menu.


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Weight 1 oz

Empath Rescue Gemstone Stretchy Bracelet