Awaken to Oneness


It’s time to wake up, Awaken to Oneness! It’s time to remember that “Love is All there Is and We are All One!” The message is not new, Dr. Tricia Seymour and Dr. Rusty Barrier are here to assist a new generation in understanding this universal Truth. With solid psychology and ancient spiritual wisdom they give the reader a look inside SOURCE. Every moment you have a choice, either Love or Fear, either Oneness or Separation.


The Spiritual Incension Techniques in this book, are to assist you in clearing away your own personal issues so that you can see through the eyes of your True Divine Self. Oneness is about being fully present, fully human, and fully divine. One within yourself and One with all of humanity. The more you know and understand yourself; the more you see life from your Observer Self; the more you embrace your Shadow Self; the more clearly you will understand all that is meant by ‘Incension.’When you fully embrace your Human Self and fully embrace your Divine Self, you will see the truth of what is real and what is illusion.

You will awaken the Divine Seed within. You will remember who you really are, the son and daughter of SOURCE, God and Goddess. All, so that you will remember why you are here. Only then will you realize that you are to stay on the Earth to fully experience being human, to integrate your divinity, and to assist others in remembering this too.

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Awaken to Oneness